Review: The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1: All That Remains

by on January 3, 2014

1 Hour

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M for Mature


The Walking Dead Season 2 takes 16 months after the first season. You play as Clementine, who now has to grow up from the sweet little girl we knew from the last season and harden to the harsh world. It does show in All That Remains that Clementine has matured a bit so far, not being afraid of any walkers or taking a second thought about what to say to characters depending on what you choose.

The world sees Clementine much more differently than they did with Lee. Since Clementine is young, those around her don’t trust her with tasks they could with Lee. However, Clementine’s age does actually have a benefit. With her age, she is able to persuade people to take her side on issue. For example, Clementine comes upon a group that ends with an argument between them. You have the choice of which person to make them take your side. It’s actually very intriguing on how you can make someone go from hating you to instantly feeling sorry for you. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this and no doubtfully, see how much of an impact it can make.


Sad eyes by Clem is super effective!

Now, the biggest question is, was Tellltale still able to pull off those emotional moments that make our therapy bills go through the roof for? Well, after the first five minutes of the episode, I can safely say Telltale still has it and isn’t afraid to throw punches anymore.

Although Season 2 is like Season 1 with the tough choices, quick time events, and tear jerking moments, it did improve on graphics a tad bit, frame rate issues, and the awkward pauses between transitions. Seriously, it was very awkward to have the characters in Season 1 just stare at the screen while the game loaded up the next scene.


Episode 1: All That Remains was a great start to the season and makes us want to see how Clementine will make it through to the end with each episode. I doubt Telltale would make that easy for her though…I’m not ready to cry again…


The brutal storytelling remains the same
New cast of characters
Dark and moody


A bit slow at times
New cast has some old archetypes from the previous season

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Bottom Line

The Walking Dead Season 2 is off to a great start and while it may be slow in pace it doesn't pull any punches. If you're a fan of the previous season, like the walking dead comic or just like have your emotions toyed with. This season promises to be as brutal as before.

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