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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Are Releasing November 2014

by Kristion May 7, 2014
After many years of chanting, “HOENN CONFIRMED!”, Pokemon fans are finally getting Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. It was announced today by the Pokemon International Company that the two games will be releasing on the 2DS and 3DS in November worldwide. A trailer came along with the announcement, but it showed barely anything. […]


Is Attack on Titan 3DS coming to the States?

by Keith Hagermanon May 5, 2014
According to an employee at Spike Chunsoft, it’s a definite maybe. Apparently, the company is attempting to find a partner who will take up publishing duties for the states release. Spike Chunsoft’s Shingeki no Kyoujin: Jinrui Saigo no Tsubasa launched last december in Japan quickly raking up 100,000 units sold in just a week. With […]


Tales from the Borderlands gets launch window!

by Keith Hagermanon May 5, 2014
While it may be a while still until we get Telltale and Gearbox’s newest adventure into Pandora, we can admire the newest look from the Escapist above. The launch window for Tales from the Borderlands is Summer 2014. We simply can’t wait.


Project Beast, From Software’s Newest project?

by Keith Hagermanon May 3, 2014
It’s not often we get a possible leak like this, but it seems From’s newest outing. While there are only a few pictures of the leaks, there were mentions on 4chan of a Soulflayer type enemy. A shotgun wielding protagonist as well as a magic sword. “This is a Nightmare” was also shown. We’re not […]


Indie Spotlight: A Few Kickstarters That You Should Pledge To!

by Kristion April 25, 2014
Exogenesis – Perils of Rebirth : If you don’t remember, a few days ago I’ve written my thoughts on the demo for Exogenesis.Overall, I thought the demo gave me a very good first impressions on the game and made me excited for the full release! In Exogenesis – Perils of Rebirth, you play as Yu, […]

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